Tuesday, 21 August 2007


My apologies to those who are reading this entry. It is a very negative title for an entry right? But this is the talk of the town since the "Super Express" belonging to Syarikat Kenderaan Bukit Gantang became a "Super Horror"!!! At first I heard that there were 20 deaths, unfortunately, a few days after the accident one of the seriously injured victims (a three year old child) passed away. That gives a total of 21 deaths and almost ten people injured, I think.

Everything that happened has been fated. Yes, true. But to discover that the "Super Driver" had 13 summonses and two warrants of arrest for traffic offences is beyond human comprehension. Obviously some authorities in my country,
Malaysia, which will celebrate its 50th year of independence, are not doing their job :(

Forget about the call for the setting up of a royal commission to investigate accidents involving public transport. Set up a ROYAL COMMISSION (Suruhanjaya Bebas) for this and for that!!! It is a waste of public fund. The public is tired, angry and feel cheated by the so many royal commissions being set up only when the issue is being debated. What happens after a few months???

Today, slightly a week after the tragedy of the “Super Express”, the newspaper / television is still reporting about accidents involving drivers of express buses who have summonses for road offences. I wonder if this is happening only in my country or there are other countries that you can get such ironic and absurd news!