Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I want to have this short piece documented. Suddenly I realised that very soon Monsieur A will be back to Malaysia for a short break. Hmm...I did not make any entry when he left.......

He left for France on the eve of 1st November 2007, it is just over 4 months now! From the calls, chats, emails, SMSes, etc (what else?), he said that his progress is good. I am making doa that he will finish his research before the due date, ie one year from October 2007. Huh....huh.....still a long way and a long wait.

Being a temporary 'single mother' for the past 4 months was a real test! What more, my maid fell very sick just a few days after Monsieur A left for Nantes, and I had to send her back home. (Home is Indonesia, of course). A month ago, Arifah, my eldest daughter met with an accident. When I recall the night that I received the call about the accident....I cannot imagine how I survived that night. It was due to Allah's help that I managed to calm myself down and also to calm Monsieur A. Otherwise...... I don't know what stupid decisions I would have made that night. It was the 6th of January 2008! Hmmm...Arifah does not seem to remember the date!

BTW, Monsieur A will arrive KLIA on the 7th March 2008, Insha Allah (God Willing).