Saturday, 25 October 2008


I have not posted any entry for more than 2 months. Lazy me. Suddenly I feel like I want to write this ... In exactly a week Monsieur A will be back from Nantes, Insya Allah.
Both Atiqah and Afiq have told me something that they would like to do when Abah is back. Atiqah made plans to visit the aquarium complex - AQUARIA KLCC. And surprisingly Afiq has requested to go to MPH to get a book by Bear Grylls (I think he said the title of the book is Man vs Wild, hope I am right...)

I must admit that for the past one year, the children have not done much traveling, not done much outing, not done much visiting to relatives, etc. We do missed out on a lot of family activities ever since Monsieur A left for Nantes in October 2007 to complete his PhD. I blame this scenario on myself - I am not that adventurous by nature. Being married to Monsieur A has made me become a more 'outdoor' kind of person. So when he is away, family activities have been somewhat dormant! . Hopefully, when he is back next week we will have more time as a family!