Monday, 14 August 2006


Today Monsieur A and I went into our car with two bags of unwanted items. One bag contains empty milk cans, sardine cans, etc (basically METAL) and another bag has ketchup bottles, soy sauce bottles, Horlicks bottles, etc (this bag is basically GLASS). We were trying to find the bins (remember the advertisement - orange bin, blue bin, and brown bin) for throwing our metal and glass items.

Well, we thought that we can fine the bins somewhere near to our house but too bad...we had to travel quite a distance ie. to Bangunan PKNS Bangi. Anyway, what was important to us is that we dispose the two bags of items at the proper place so that they may be recycled.

Monsieur A was telling me his frustrations after he dispose the two bags. It seems the public put all sorts of rubbish in the bins - when it was clearly labelled as KACA or KERTAS or LOGAM. Can't people read? They can, but they have attitude problem. They just do not behave in a way that is acceptable to other people.

In western countries, you would only find bottles inside the bins labelled GLASS, people there even take the trouble of putting the small, circular caps of the bottles into the bins labelled METAL. In Malaysia, the government had to spend so much to educate people on the need to recycle. Learning about recycling is one thing, doing it is another.

OK bloggers, let us recycle. Recycling is very important. The amount of waste we produce daily is enormous. The more we recycle, the more we can reduce waste generated and our local council can reduce on waste management expenditure.

Monday, 7 August 2006


As I have promised in my last entry, I will share with you something that Aiko asked me. Well, it is quite humiliating actually. The thing that Aiko wanted to know from me was – How do Malaysians use the toilet???

I had a hard time explaining because I had to give her some background about how toilets were like in Malaysia 30 years ago compared to the toilets that we have today. I had to tell her that some Malaysians are so used to another type of toilet, so much so that they are not comfortable when they have to sit on the toilet seat. I somehow could sense the thing that is really boggling Aiko’s mind. True enough – her concern was why are the toilet seats dirty as though people stepped on them instead of sit on them!!!

Well, to all of you out there, please teach your children the proper way to use the toilet duduk. It was design for you to sit on it and nothing else!

Well, I do hope that Aiko and family will choose Malaysia as their holiday destination again next time!