Saturday, 5 April 2008


My unit (refering to my professional unit at work in Putrajaya) will be having our first PDP (Professional Development Programme) for 2008 from the 7 - 10th April. After going through the proper procedure, the project manager (Cik 'Ain) manage to convince the Procurement Unit that we can have the meeting at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia. Kudos to Cik 'Ain!

Well, just in case if there are any French who happen to stumble on my blog - we do have a Colmar in Malaysia. Every architecture and furnishings in Colmar Malaysia is almost identical to what you get in Colmar France. I guessed the only difference would be the temperature and the language that people use!!!

Having been to Colmar France in 2007, I am looking forward to see Colmar Malaysia, not just for the sake of comparing. But of course, to gain new experience and knowledge from the PDP would be my main priority. We were informed by the Unit Head that the two focus in this PDP are Finance and ACA :) Please do not be paranoid...I believe attending is believing.