Sunday, 25 October 2009


I just want to write a simple entry today.

I get very irritated when I see people throwing rubbish just anywhere they like. I guess many of us share this opinion too.

I also get very irritated when I see people smoking at prohibited places. This very simple rule of NO SMOKING IN ENCLOSED PUBLIC PLACES is very difficult to follow by most Malaysian smokers. These group of irresponsible people (the smokers, I mean) do not seem to understand that non-smokers have the right to breath fresh, healthy, tobacco-smell free air. Smokers do not know that people who smoke smell bad to nonsmokers. The World Health Organization points out that diseases linked to smoking kill at least three million people each year, one every six seconds.

Actually, what I wanted to write is that a few days ago, while driving to work, I had to stop at a traffic light. It was quite a long stop, and I had time to notice that the driver in front of me was smoking. I was not very irritated because since my windows were shut, naturally I can't smell the 'bad odor' from this particular driver in front of me. But I vowed to myself that if this driver should throw his cigarette bud out of his car, I will definitely honk my car. True enough, he did throw his cigarette bud to the ground even before the traffic light turns green! Of course, I honked my car!

You see, to smoke is already bad. To throw the cigarette bud simply anywhere at one's whimps and fancies is even worse!

Do you know the owner of the car in this entry? This person shouldn't get emotionally upset if he/she happens to read my blog. I am just sharing my morning experience, what is important is the values that one gets by reading my entry.


TheWriter said...

I think smokers do know that cigarettes are bad for them and the people around them. They just don't care. Too addicted to stop probably.

The ultimate key is to stop tobacco production. It'll will likely never happen though.

Too bad.

Ibu dah update...bila la Abah nak update ni. Hahaha. ;)

Madame A said...

I have a friend who was a smoker. He said that for someone to stop smoking, these words must come from him ---> "I WANT TO STOP SMOKING BECAUSE I WANT TO STOP SMOKING". I guess that is true, ie. WE CAN'T make smokers quit!

Abah akan update blog bulan depan....huh...huh...huh...

Anonymous said...

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