Tuesday, 6 September 2016


These pictures were taken on my last day at Lembaga Peperiksaan. It was 30 August 2016 - my last day in the civil service. It was kind of mixed feelings that I felt. Excited to end my career with the Ministry of Education, also eager to know what waits ahead.

In the first picture, beside me are Soo and Ros.
Soo - my good friend since Textbook Division (BBT) days. I admire Soo becuase she is a lady full of energy. She does everything fast! That is the way Soo! Do not tolerate slow coaches haaa....
Ros - we worked together as liaison officer committee for a few international conferences. Also I will remember Ros as the officer who is always seated infront of me during MPLP (I will not be spelling this out for security reasons). Also I gave Ros a special sample of a letter. Well only Ros knows the content of this letter :)
At the left end is another friend of mine from my BBT days. This petite lady holds a PhD - Dr Habibah! I address her by her nickname Bib or Bibah. She has her roots in Kedah and also Pahang. By the way, she is staying in the same suburb as I am, ie Bandar Baru Bangi a.k.a. Bandar Ilmu.

The second picture is another PhD graduate! Wow! Dr Murni. We have something in common (not that I hold a PhD qualification), but rather our husbands are cousins. Orang Kedah lagi :) Murni's office is at Block E14 while mine is at Block E11, Parcel E, Putrajaya. We became close professionally - my unit generates money for the organisation and Murni's unit keep the financial records in very good order.

The third picture is me with the head of HR Unit. She is another petite lady who is very hardworking. Nurzaini takes care of her children during the weekdays and get to see her husband only on weekends. I salute you Zaini!

The last picture is of course me ... smiling for the whole day knowing that I do not have to be in the civil service anymore after 1 September 2016 :) This does not imply that I hate working, it only means that it is a chance for me to enter into a new phase of life. As someone puts it - a phase of life which is more calm.

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